Mission Statement

  • To provide objective and personalized financial, tax, and investment counsel to each and every client on an ongoing basis.

    Who We Are

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    As generalists with different areas of expertise, we offer strength in a number of financial disciplines.
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    First Data Gathering Meeting

    Checklist for First Data Gathering Meeting.

    Client Worksheet

    Data gathering information for first planning meeting.

    Our Services

    Gutt Financial Management (GFM) was founded in 1986 by Michael S. Gutt, J.D., LL.M., to provide financial, tax and investment counseling to individuals on an ongoing basis. Because GFM does not sell any products - only services - clients are assured objective, expert counseling designed to accomplish their individual financial goals. Our smaller size, greater accessibility and customized approach also enable us to offer more personalized attention to each and every client.
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